My Story

How Stay at Home Food was put together

My name is Marco. I live in London, while my 70 years old parents live in Milan, Italy.

Since Italy went into a lockdown, my brother and I have been helping them stay safe at home by ordering food remotely for them.

Food delivery is the safest option, particularly for vulnerable individuals.

As more and more people started ordering food remotely, major online supermarkets were overwhelmed by the demand. So we had to look for other providers

In doing this, we noticed a few things.

Firstly, even when everyone rushes to well known brands, there's plenty of local or lesser known brands with spare capacity.

Secondly, many businesses are reinventing themselves. Restaurants and wholesalers that saw their revenues evaporating are now delivering food. These businesses do not necessarily have an easy way to reach clients in need.

After helping our parents, and as more countries introduced shelter-in-place orders, we thought that we should try to help other people in need out there.

So I started collecting information and put together a list. At first I had a spreadsheet which I sent to friends, who sent it to their friends. That's when I understood I should find a way to share it with more people.

I've worked on this website in my spare time and put the final bits together in a weekend. This website is 100% free to use.

I hope it will help people in need - especially the vulnerable - to get food without taking unnecessary risks.